(INFINITY) MASTERS META DAO offers NFT ownership as membership to acquire and fractionalize exclusive NFT collections across different blockchains. The DAO plans to develop a tool to provide equal utility benefits and exclusive content access to all members. The aim is to increase accessibility and promote mass adoption of NFTs.


Welcome to Infinity Masters META DAO, where we provide a wide range of opportunities to both the decentralized and centralized worlds. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the two worlds by offering real-world applications where web3 currencies can be spent.

We believe in investing in decentralized applications that attract new money and the right people into the decentralized world. As a META DAO, we provide alpha information from the different projects we are involved in. Our whale status in the community ensures that we provide quality information to our members.

Our goal is to become the undisputed intermediary that establishes the right connections with all of the alpha projects and communities. We work with the best builders and movers in the space to uplift the ecosystem.

We provide expert analysis on demand, from changing market dynamics to how crypto is reshaping entire industries. We offer the best advice from experts to provide a better understanding of the future of everything.




Community Access for our members

Our dedication to building a strong foundation for our members sets us apart. By raising capital through a private sale and building a portfolio of alpha community NFT's, we'll provide our members with access to valuable meta-information sourced from our acquisitions' communities.

Our Discord server will be the hub of our community, providing access to information based on NFT rarity. We believe that information is key to success in the NFT space and we're passionate about creating a community-driven movement that supports our members every step of the way.


As a member of Infinity Masters Meta DAO, you will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive drops of NFTs that the DAO holds, resulting in tokens stored within the DAO and distributed through fractionalized ownership. With ownership comes decision-making power, as you and other members decide on the utilization of these drops through approved proposals.


After initial mint, the (INFINITY) MASTERS META DAO, together with the (INFINITY) MASTERS META DAO CORE TEAM, will ultimately have control and decision over any discrepancies and project direction not outlined in the whitepaper.

Should an NFT project that The META DAO holds an NFT for open up an exclusive game, content, event, etc and they require proof of ownership to access those perks, all (INFINITY) MASTERS META DAO members will be able to join a raffle or giveaway, where they stand to get the chance to win slots allocated for the DAO.


The ( INFINITY ) MASTERS META DAO will be launching a never before seen collection into the SOLANA & NFT space, possibly extending into Ethereum as well. Our art will empower you. It will be a source of inspiration not just to you, but to a lot of other souls as well.

Have you ever felt that innate surge of power that happens within you whenever you hear a story about your favorite heroes? These stories help us heal our wounds, inspire us, and help us promote personal growth. We connect strongly with these stories of extraordinary beings who turned their setbacks into something powerful and beings that embraced their flaws and turned them into the main motivation for changing the world for the better. The connection is deeper than we think. We all have unique abilities and skills that sometimes surprise us, because we are all born special. It is up to us to unlock our full potential.

To best illustrate, “The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “Masters of the Universe” come to mind. Different individuals, different skill sets, different struggles, but when all of them came together and united under a common goal, they were able to vanquish whatever it was that stood in their way. They were able to surpass everything. The ( Infinity ) Masters DAO is going to be a brotherhood like no other - an elite and exclusive club of only “the best of the best plus one”.


Staking with Infinity Masters Meta DAO is a smart investment choice that offers more than just financial gains. By staking with us, you become an active member of our community and gain voting rights to decide on the future direction of our DAO. Plus, you'll receive exclusive benefits such as early access to drops and opportunities to participate in exclusive events. Don't miss out on this chance to not only earn rewards, but also be a part of a dynamic community that values your input and contributions. Stake with us today and unlock your full potential as an Infinity Masters Meta DAO member.



“Enter a DAO like no other”

This is the basic package that you need to be part of the Infinity Masters DAO. You will be able to unlock access to a vast amount of reliable and quality Alpha information that will be available through the DAO and through the tools that we aim to build.

  • Only 15,000 pieces will be available for pre-sale, so you’re getting early access to everything.
  • Rock the most innovative NFT done by the best artists in the industry, with traits that you can identify with and represent your web3 self.
  • Get a free NFT airdrop that would give you 2.5% bigger yield in earning (Masters) Token.



“Explore the capabilities of the DAO”

This package will put you on another level among the ELITE members of the DAO. You will have access not just to the vast amount of Alpha information, but to more things that the DAO has to offer.

  • Only 1,500 pieces will be available for pre-sale, so you’re getting this really rare item very early.
  • This NFT will be the supplementary to your Guardian Package NFT, but with this you are able to unlock more perks. Whitelist spots, Entry passes, raffle prizes, NFTs, and many more.
  • This will come in the form of “mounts” or “vehicles” that go well with your Guardian NFT
  • Get a free NFT airdrop that would give you 5% bigger yield in earning (Masters) Token.
  • You will have the ability to own a bigger fraction of the DAO based on the amount of your investment.



“Unlock the DAO’s full power”

Top tier people only deserve top tier service. With the Master Package, everything that the DAO has to offer will be accessible to you.

  • Only 100 pieces will be available for pre-sale. This is a Legendary item that not everyone will be able to have.
  • You will have priority access to all the perks of the DAO.
  • To get this NFT, you will need to have unlocked the Guardian and Elite packages. Whitelist spots, Entry passes, raffle prizes, NFTs, and many more.
  • This NFT comes in the form of an “estate” or “castle” that represents your portfolio of power.
  • Get a free NFT airdrop that would give you 7.5% bigger yield in earning (Masters) Token.
  • You will have the ability to own the BIGGEST fraction of the DAO based on the amount of your investment. You will also have a bigger voting power in all things that the DAO will do.